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Database management automation thru migrations

Database is a key point in any modern application. Often time we have to setup database quickly and in reproducible way or apply only difference change on current one.

In this presentation we will show you how we managed to construct whole process to be able to accomplish all requirements for complex enough database in different environments.

We have had: a few schemas with different access rights, a few environments with different data set, a lot of logic in PL/SQL.

All this was managed by open source tool Flyway

Angular 4 Unit Testing with Jasmine

Presentation gives a right foundation how to write unit tests for Angular 4 applications using Jasmine & Karma. I will explain why unit testing is so important for any modern enterprise application. As frontend continue growing fast and become more complex, without tests your codebase definitely will go out of control very soon. This presentation requires basic knowledge of Angular 2+ and Typescript. Presentation will be usefull for beginners frontend developer or people that come from backend to frontend testing.