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DevOps, Drupal, IoT, Javascript, Meteor, React.js, Symfony
Open source, making developers and customers happy, digital innovation, travelling, languages
Erik Evrard holds a PhD in physics, and is specialised in quantum physics and elementary particles. As a physicist he came in touch with the earliest forms of the Internet in international laboratories like CERN in Switzerland and DESY in Germany. In 1995 he left the world of scientific research, and started a new career as Value Added Manager at EUnet, Europe’s first pan-European Internet Service Provider. From its headquarters in Amsterdam he led the development of new innovative services in 28 European countries, such as one of the first online credit card payments in Europe, streaming audio and video services, which back then still seemed science-fiction. Later, he advised startups, large companies and organisations throughout Europe on their digital strategy, including on the creation of new value added FinTech services. He also provided due diligence on startup seed investments for several VC funds. At the moment, he is involved with, a VC-backed startup that has created one of the most innovative continuous deployment and cloud hosting solutions for open source software.

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So, you don’t want to lose the personal data of 145 million customers due to having the world’s worst digital security culture in the history of mankind? Bad news for you: your managers and consultants have probably got it all wrong. 1. Equifax: The brand name for “consumer trust” who was the...