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Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 12:41

The OpenSource Camp Moldova 2018 is the first regional camp organized by Drupal Moldova Association, with the support of USAID and the Swedish Government, OpenSource Camp aims to: 

  • Gather the Open Source community under one roof to learn from each other.
  • Work collaboratively in future on building Open Source technologies projects.
  • Showcase IT and Open Source job opportunities and internships.

Speaker Benefits:

  • One free ticket to attend the whole 2 days of the camp (21-22nd April) + Trivia Night (20th April).
  • Keep and share on the Open Source Website's archive your presentation.
  • Get tones of professional photos that you can use and share on your social media accounts.

International speakers can expect to pay personally for their travel and accommodation expenses incurred while traveling to Moldova and attending the camp.

Sessions preparation:

  1. Support: The Drupal Moldova Association will be glad to support you during all the process, from submission to selection to the speaking time.
  2. What kind of sessions can be submitted?
    We are open to all kind of sessions, technical and non-technical, you can submit sessions about any Open Source technology available on communities section, as well as entrepreneurial and business topics, leadership, Project Management, Community contribution, startups and much more, so if you feel that the participants can benefit from the topic, go for it!

    If you have any question or need any advice, feel free to contact Anya Abchiche at [email protected], she will be glad to help :)
  3. Sessions format:
  • The sessions should be on PowerPoint, PDF format or on google slides.
  • You can choose 30 minutes or 1-hour session.
  • You can submit more than 1 session, the selection team will let you know which session will be accepted.
  • While submitting your session, you will be asked to provide some important information:
  1. Session title: Be creative, choose a catchy and attractive title.
  2. Description: The selection team will take into consideration your description to evaluate your session, the attendees will also read it to choose which session they would like to attend, so don't hesitate to be detailed and informative.
  3. Define the language, difficulty track, and technology (for technical sessions) you will talk about in your presentation.
  4. If you have slides (final or draft) please upload them, this will give more information to the selection team.

Submission process:

  1. Register your profile, you need to be registered first, otherwise, you won't be able to submit your session.
  2. Prepare - think of what is important for you to share with the audience, gather all your thoughts into an awesome presentation
  3. Don't hesitate to ask questions and approach Anya Abchiche if needed :))
  4. Now you can submit your session on the website. the second round will end on 6th April at 23:59 Hrs (Moldovan time zone).
  5. Patience - the selection team will analyze all the presentations and decide on the schedule, we will notify you as soon as we can.
  6. If all goes well, the stage is yours! the selected sessions will be announced on the website, and if for some reasons something goes wrong, we'll notify you and we will still wait for you at the camp :)