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COMMUNITIES. Open Hardware

3D printing in Moldova is in its initial state with mostly hobbyists involved.


It all started with the Open Source projects and RepRap movement, the philosophy of RepRap was to design 3D printers which are able to 3D print parts and to replicate themselves.


Thanks to RepRap and open source 3D printers – now we have very accessible 3D printers in Moldova.


At Atelier 99, two Ultimaker Original+ printers based on their Open Source design and code were built with the support of the Technical University of Moldova.

If you are passionate about 3D printing and want to grow this industry in Moldova, we would love to see you submitting a session


Description source: Victor Bujoreanu.

The concept of ''Internet of Things'' involves developing solutions that contribute to the intelligent interaction between devices, systems, services through Internet-connected applications, thus automating the processes.


Lately in Moldova, Tekwill in collaboration with Microsoft, has launched the first Internet-based Thing (IoT) laboratory in Chisinau since summer 2017,  the lab is designed to identify and support young people working on Internet of Things solutions and plans to develop their products on a large scale.


Located in the Tekwill ICT Excellence Center, the IoT Lab has a workspace equipped with necessary equipment and tools such as transmitters, Arduino, raspberry pi, and all Microsoft software.


Are you working on an IoT product/service? We would love to hear about your projects and initiatives at the camp, you just need to submit a session :)