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React Native Performance - How not to fail

There is a lot of hype around React Native for past few years. As well as around "hybrid"  mobile applications. From all the possible options ReactNative presented as a holy grail of performant hybrid mobile apps. While in some parts - this is true, there are still some easy ways to shot yourself in the foot.

In this talk, we'll start with some general overview of what's possible to build with ReactNative and what you definitely shouldn't even try to do. And will go deeper a bit with some live examples of how and why your app's performance might struggle and how to fix this. 

From Oops to NoOps

So, you don’t want to lose the personal data of 145 million customers due to having the world’s worst digital security culture in the history of mankind? Bad news for you: your managers and consultants have probably got it all wrong.

1.    Equifax: The brand name for “consumer trust” who was the subject of more than 57,000 consumer complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and who have leaked more consumer data than any other company in history.

Open source designs to solve local social issues

During the session we will discuss about open source designs for fabrication tools and products in the process of product development for a hardware / physical product.

I will show-case the experience of Atelier 99 building our own 3D printers and experimenting with 3D printed open source robotics and prosthetics. The perspective of the presentation will be from the point of view of a consumer of 'open source'. If you are a maker, artist, or tech enthusiast who is willing to build something, you are welcomed to see how to use open source in your journey of building something.

Linux Containers (LXC)

Контейнеры Linux, содержат приложения таким образом, чтобы они были изолированы от хост-системы, в которой они работают. Контейнеры позволяют разработчику упаковывать приложение со всеми необходимыми ему частями, например библиотеками и другими зависимостями, и отправлять все это как один пакет. И они предназначены для упрощения обеспечения последовательного опыта, поскольку разработчики и системные администраторы быстро и тиражируют код из среды разработки в производство.

Machine Learning Project: From BucharestJS to Google Digital News Initiative Fund

MorphL is a machine learning platform that empowers digital publishers to optimize engagement and conversion rates by means of predicting how users will interact with various UI & UX elements.

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a partnership between Google and publishers in Europe to support high-quality journalism through technology and innovation. Since 2016, the DNI Innovation Fund evaluated more than 3,000 applications, carried out 748 interviews and offered more than €73m in funding to 359 projects in 29 European countries.

Angular 4 Unit Testing with Jasmine

Presentation gives a right foundation how to write unit tests for Angular 4 applications using Jasmine & Karma. I will explain why unit testing is so important for any modern enterprise application. As frontend continue growing fast and become more complex, without tests your codebase definitely will go out of control very soon. This presentation requires basic knowledge of Angular 2+ and Typescript. Presentation will be usefull for beginners frontend developer or people that come from backend to frontend testing.

ReactNative - the new Jedi Master accepted by Mobile Technology Council

Do you know the legend about the mighty Cross Platform concept: "Write once, run anywhere" ?

That's the main topic of this session, where we will try to understand and analyse the concept of most popular mobile technologies used nowadays, starting from Native iOS and Android development, and finishing with Hybrid and Cross-Platform solutions, but the hero will be ReactNative that combines Cross-Platform and Hybrid in an inventive approach.