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How the evolution of open source impacts the design of test automation solutions

Aggregating available open source solutions into an elegant test architecture is a challenge every company faces nowadays.

To support the business needs evolution in an efficient way we need to build generic and composable test automation solutions that enhance the capabilities of existing open source tools.

Join us to discover our lessons that changed the way we deliver value to our clients using test automation.

Node.js - internal abilities or what you want to ask but have scruples to ask this

Node.js is very popular and very fast growing technology. There are many developers use it an has no idea about abilities of the platform. Many of them stop them evolution on express.js and to do nothing for using additional abilities of the node. The presentation contains topics about "hidden" abilities of platforms and contains such topics as node CLI, debugging tools, async errors handling, streams, pipes and clustering processes on the node platform. This presentation would be used for intermediate level developers.


Database management automation thru migrations

Database is a key point in any modern application. Often time we have to setup database quickly and in reproducible way or apply only difference change on current one.

In this presentation we will show you how we managed to construct whole process to be able to accomplish all requirements for complex enough database in different environments.

We have had: a few schemas with different access rights, a few environments with different data set, a lot of logic in PL/SQL.

All this was managed by open source tool Flyway

React Native: Hurdle Race

The level of the audience something like middle (familiar/working with JavaScript and understanding principals of React).

The topic in general is about "what to expect from React Native if I already a frontend developer, what issues will I meet, what extra things should I learn, how easy to f*ck up your estimates".

The talk based completely on the real experience.


Ожидаемый уровень разработчика - средний. (опыт работы с JavaScript, базовое понимание React)

Mastering Ansible

Ansible - это самый простой способ автоматизации приложений и ИТ-инфраструктуры. Развертывание приложений + Управление конфигурацией + Непрерывная доставка.