Continuous Integration/Delivery on Android project via Jenkins Pipeline

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    Front End
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    Sunday, Apr 22 - 11:05 to 11:45

I don't have slides ready yet.

Basically, what I plan to present is how I configured CI/CD on VRV Android project (

- Why we moved from plain old Jenkins jobs to Jenkins Pipeline and why we think it's better.

- Which issues we faced and how we solved them.

- How far we went and what is automated via Jenkins.

- What are the pros/cons of moving to Jenkins Pipeline.

- What is a Jenkins shared library ( and where we use it.

- How we test Jenkins Pipeline code


The presentation will be purely technical and based on my own experience. I'll share a bit Jenkins open-source projects community and which plugins I contributed to.

I would say I have decent experience with Jenkins and automation in general and have what to share with the audience.

I'm also a big fan of open-source and try to contribute as often as I have free time. You can find projects I'm contributing to in my Github profile.

30 minutes talk format is preferable.

I would prefer presenting it in Russian (more comfortable), but can do it in English if needed.


Few words about me:

- Android Department Manager @ Ellation, Moldova

- Open-source and Jenkins enthusiast 

- Certified Jenkins Engineer (

- Maintainer of plugin

- Personal website

- Previous presentations (in Russian). I gave the same talk in English at Romobos conference last year.