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From Oops to NoOps

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    Sunday, Apr 22 - 10:00 to 10:40

So, you don’t want to lose the personal data of 145 million customers due to having the world’s worst digital security culture in the history of mankind? Bad news for you: your managers and consultants have probably got it all wrong.

1.    Equifax: The brand name for “consumer trust” who was the subject of more than 57,000 consumer complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and who have leaked more consumer data than any other company in history.

2.    Abstractions: Who should we blame, the managers? The developers who deployed flawed software? I posit that the blame is on faulty thinking about software at the highest level.

3.    What is software, and how are we thinking about it?

4.    Building software to avoid being Equifax and for a stable world order.

5.    About the sins of snowflakes, and filling out a form.

6.    Your Mobile/API/SaaS won’t be the next Equifax, because you will embrace change, your software will be robust.