React Native Performance - How not to fail

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    Saturday, Apr 21 - 15:25 to 16:05

There is a lot of hype around React Native for past few years. As well as around "hybrid"  mobile applications. From all the possible options ReactNative presented as a holy grail of performant hybrid mobile apps. While in some parts - this is true, there are still some easy ways to shot yourself in the foot.

In this talk, we'll start with some general overview of what's possible to build with ReactNative and what you definitely shouldn't even try to do. And will go deeper a bit with some live examples of how and why your app's performance might struggle and how to fix this. 

The talk should be handy for product owners who are currently trying to find the technology for their new project as well as developers who are relatively new to ReactNative but would like to try working with it.